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Disturbance 4:32
Claire 3:04
Words 4:43
Sub Surface Sightings 5:08
Frogs Trip 3:38
You Are The Girl I Want 4:31
Halfway Stealing 3:52
Voices From Below 4:18


"As I listen intently to Troels Oxenvads' cd PowerBoy, I am finding this a refreshing listen song after song, the influences are many....."
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Review from proGGnosis:

As I listen intently to Troels Oxenvads' cd PowerBoy, I am finding this a refreshing listen song after song, the influences are many, as stated in the artist info section on this page. It's unusual in many ways to hear the hip-hop flavored backbeats, topped with catchy chord progressions, and in some songs the elements of pop are used, as well as fusion. The musicianship displayed is what brings the fusion facet to the songs, his guitar tones can remind of some of the fusion greats, such as : Frank Gambale, Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, or even Shawn Lane, these are some lofty comparisons, yet he surely has the chops to back this statement up. Troels, doesn't attempt to create a guitar dominated cd here however, focusing on soundscapes, moods, melodies and textures to make the music a substance with which to capture your imagination, his guitar playing takes the role of soloist at just the right times, while the keyboards share an equal role to the overall vibe. Another multi-faceted musician who has gone beyond making impressions with is sheer technical skills, he shows musical maturity as a composer. His keyboard work, bass playing and acoustical guitar contributions are more than a meer compliment to the music, his vocals are very amicable, singing in a mid ranged tone, that never tries to strain for notes, and if in fact he is doing all the vocals, his background singing and harmonies are excellent. As for a progressive/fusion cd, this is one that will stretch the known boundaries as percieved by many, Troels is doing his own thing here, the synthesis of modern rhythms influences with pop, and fusion are very intriguing, as I mentioned before his talents as a musician, particularly on guitars and bass, are the icing on the cake for this unique cd.