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I spent much of childhood and  youth  fooling around with different  instruments and playing in bands.
Folks from around Esbjerg, Denmark may remember
Zotes, Hammer on, Four Free and Trio Treo.


1990: Attended GIT in LA to go a little deeper with playing guitar. Also studied Jazz and composition.


2001: I was approached by Allan Holdsworth's record label Gnarly Geezer Records  (now defunkt) regarding music, they had heard on my page. This resulted in the self produced CD Powerboy, which was promoted and sold by Gnarly Geezer Records.


2002-2009: I composed and recorded music for a number of TV programs, some of which have sold to various TV stations around the globe.
"Indigenous Peoples" , "Godt håndværk og gamle huse", "Making a difference", and "Defending diversity" are examples.

As of 2009, I have supplied music to over 65 documentaries.

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